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South Coast | Fareham, Hampshire

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Meet Will Palmer

Your local Sandler trainer in Fareham, Hampshire.

Meet the Managing Director

Will Palmer

A sales career that started in the early IT industry in the 1980’s followed a path through channel sales, enterprise sales, sales management, sales directorships and sales VP positions. The common theme through this period of my career was working for relatively small companies who all planned for explosive growth. Managing sales teams through 2 successful company IPO’s I had to constantly evolve my own selling style and learn how to forge a huge variety of strong-willed, high performing sales individuals into world class sales teams.

However, throughout everything I’ve done I’ve never been able to lose that “sales gene” and I’ve never lost the thrill of closing an order or winning a new customer. Whether it’s me or a member of my team who’s actually walking a deal over the line, nothing in business comes close to the buzz of landing that purchase order.

So it was a logical step for me to combine my “selling experiences” with my “ownership experiences” and to step into a training and coaching role where I’m now helping other business owners and leadership teams fulfil their own growth dreams.

I’m passionate about encouraging ambitious sales professionals, sales leaders and business entrepreneurs to discover and implement repeatable business methodologies that challenge and inspire and which help them be the very best versions of themselves they can possibly be.

It’s a hugely satisfying role and a real privilege to watch the transformational impact on the outlook and performance of an individual, a team and an entire organisation.