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No–Pressure Prospecting

Best practices for taking the heat off you and your potential client

Learn the attitudes, behaviors, & techniques that you can immediately implement in your next outbound sales call.

If you're like most salespeople,
you may be:

Stressed out over prospecting and avoiding cold and warm calls, concerned about new business numbers and constantly feeding the funnel, and worried about a revenue plateau or shrinking market share.

Learn how to:

  • Choose the right type of prospecting and the right type of prospects
  • Engage with gatekeepers and talk to more decision-maker
  • Structure an effective, efficient prospecting call that sets more appointments
  • Leave a voicemail message that gets returned

Learn more about No-Pressure Prospecting Course

Join Sandler trainer Sean Coyle as he guides you along a sales prospecting journey based
on Sandler’s proven selling system, which takes the pressure off you and your prospect. You can follow easy-to-learn steps and strategies to help you prepare, execute, and close appointments without additional stress